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2019 has seen Pzazz Creative Media travel to Europe, across the UK and finishing off the year in New York.  Producing more than 100 films this year for the likes of FEFA (Robbie Fowler), Bathgate Business Finance, Louise Walsh International, Batty & Dexter Opticians to name a few. We have specialised in delivering High Quality promotional and training films on a variety of platforms ie Website, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook 

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Ive been in the creative industry for over 15 years, commercial filming for 9 years.  When Bill gates said in 1997 that ‘Content would be king’ he was absolutely correct.  Today, more films are uploaded onto YouTube than ever

filming across the world

we have filmed across the UK, Portugal, Spain, Majorca, Turkey, USA, Ireland and continue to add locations throughout 2020.  If you require filming in another country its important we discuss first and gather all your requirements 

on location

A lot of clients require filming at a location or multiple locations.  We can organise the filming, hiring of equipment if necessary and help your project/promo be delivered on time and on budget

smile for the camera

We have a very relaxed nature when filming with or for clients.  It’s important for the speaker/interviewee to feel confident and relaxed.  This will ensure any final edit will look natural and professional 

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