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-drone footage-



landscape and ariel footage

Adding aerial footage turns a normal video or film into an epic one.  We use the latest in DJI drone technology delivering high quality 4k aerial footage for your projects.  

global footage

UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Majorca, New York, Dubai

freelance requests

Daily rates and hourly editing rates upon request

Need 4k?

We can film and deliver in full 4k or Ultra HD

ready to edit

Full editing suite along with sound and colour editing

footage library

New for 2020.. coming soon!


We liaise with local media schools on certain projects

filming across the world

Filming across the world takes planning & preparation on another level.  Knowing in advance the logistics and legalities of each country can be a minefield. Pzazz Creative Media has travelled and experienced.

explore the new studio

In 2019 the studio was updated, latest Apple hardware and Lacie Raid systems along with the ability to record VO and lighting studio to film your products for promotions.  

meet the videographers

From time to time your project may require additional; support from cinematographers, sound engineers, lighting specialist, VO and actors.  We have a proven network with a solid team to make large projects successful.


-drone footage-

freelance hire

indie film &

aerial coverage