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This year more than ever, has been the year of the Video promotional film.  More uploads have been made to Youtube than Hollywood has every produced.  Video Promotions are massive.

Understanding your project needs, your business and how they are portrayed on film is my speciality. 

Ive worked with many SME’s and large national and global organisations.  All filming needs and budgets are different. No two film projects are the same. Thats what makes film promotions unique and that’s where I excel, bringing new ideas, engaging film and video projects enabling your company promotional film to shine. 

As a Filmmaker im constantly researching, developing and growing the brand.  The world of Film is ever expanding and clients needs are more specific and tailored towards SEO, driving traffic and viewers towards your project.  Almost 5 billion videos a day are watched on Youtube, truly astonishing.

Phil Gadd

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